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Our company tries to meet all customers requirements. That is why we cooperate closely with the Italian company GENTILI, the leading manufacturer of the mobile workshop equipment.

Their main products are:

Modular shelf system INFINITY using each cubic centimeter of your space.

INFINITY is characterized by the lightness = produced from the hardened aluminium profiles

CLASSIC is more robust = all-steel construction

Generator EcoPower – no more carrying of so many large devices as central, air compressor or welding machine. All these devices including the drive of the hydraulic tool are contained in one device = generator EcoPower.

G2000 EVO – roof rack and ladder rack
Aerodynamic rack enables better propellants usage. Adaptable to all vehicle types.
The ladder up to weight 50kg never will be so hard to load and unload on the vehicle roof.

The main GENTILI products are:




INFINITY workshop building in
catalogue including the price list to download


Ladder rack G2000EVO                                                                                                                                                   Unit EcoPower
Video to download here                                                                                                       Video to download here