Containers carriers


All containers type and exchangeable superstructures for a car and tractor container carriers

One-arm container carrier

One-arm container carrier of the weight of loading capacity 3 – 5 t and above 5 t determined for the transport, loading (unloading) and tilting backwards of different superstructure container type in agriculture, building, municipal service and other industries and services.
The design enables to use the passive containers (e.g. platformed, vans, bathed, high-volume and other special containers) as well as active containers (e.g. with the hydraulic hand, faecal, towing service, mounting platforms and others where the superstructure drive is ensured by the hydraulic motor connected to the carrier hydraulic circuit by the hoses and fast-clutch.

It also enables the manipulation with the container on the special vehicle container trailer. The trailer can also be included in the car-tractor system of the container transport that enables to differentiate the transport e.g. for the field transport and road transport without material transfer in agriculture. One-arm carrier is supplied on the chassis with the both short and extended cab of different brands (e.g. AVIA, IVECO, NISSAN, PEUGEOT). The carrier mechanism can be mount also on the suitable older chassis delivered by the customer.


 Additional options on request

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