About us


The history of car repair at HAGEMANN a.s. headquarters dates back to 1932, when a car sale and service company was established. Since then, this company was undergoing development and was gradually expanded to its present form. Several times the owner and name were changed. In 1991, after the privatization, the company acquired the name HAGEMANN and successfully continued its long history.

Production range

The company´s  production programme includes the engine repairs and sales of trucks from the establishment to the present day. Gradually, other activities were added – production and service of utility superstructures, assembly of accessories and equipment. Since  2001 the company has done the maintenance and repairs of ground power units and supplies the new equipment.
HAGEMANN a.s. employs more than  150 employees, holds EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate and ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 ČOS 051626 (AQAP 2120), Certificate to repair and Maintain of Military Air Ground Facilities of N° MAA 163 and Certificate SOTD MO to carry out inspections and tests of pressure vessels, gas and lifting equipment.

HAGEMANN a.s. is one of the most significant companies in these fields in the Czech Republic.

Branches: Opava, Olomouc, Praha

Company area:
– total area 17 900 m2
– production halls 4 223 m2
– warehouse 2 452 m2
– parking area 7 794 m2

Mechanical equipment:
– lathed shop
– cardamom balancing
– grinding shop
– painting shop
– blasting box
– motor shop
– handles, cylinders, connecting rods, cams
– pump shop
– brakes
– emission measurement, MOT test
– assembly and verification of EC tachographs, analogue and digital
– body shop – straightening benches (frames, bodies)
– device for all vehicle type repairs
– device for production and repair of the utility superstructures

Hradní 27/37,
710 00 Slezská Ostrava
Reg. KOS Ostrava, odd. B vložka 2763
IČO: 26826925, DIČ: CZ26826925